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"F.M.J Rentals, LLC offers a comprehensive range of equipment rental solutions, featuring Dumpster trailers for waste management, roof demolition, house renovations, yard cleanup, metal hauling, rock, sand, and dirt hauling.  We also also offer versatile mobile generators for on-demand power, with light towers on each unit.

We also offer a compact track skid steer loader for various applications across construction, landscaping, agriculture, and other industries. Its robust build and maneuverability make it ideal for tasks such as excavation, grading, material handling, and site preparation. With its ability to navigate tight spaces and rough terrain, it excels in projects where traditional machinery may struggle. Additionally, its compatibility with a range of attachments further enhances its utility, enabling functions such as trenching, snow removal, demolition, and lifting.

" Our reliable services cater to diverse needs, from construction projects to small residential projects, our mission, and main goal is to ensure seamless operations and customer satisfaction."

We service the immediate areas of the Permian Basin!

cell: 432-227-5211

 Mon-Fri: 8 am-10pm, Sat, and Sun 10 am-4 pm

Here at F.M.J Rentals, LLC we strive for greatness, and truly believe in great customer service!

  •  Here at F.M.J Rentals, LLC, we also offer other trailer rental options such as, a 24-foot car hauler trailer for the safe and efficient movement of vehicles. Its 24 FT deck provides ample room for securely loading and transporting cars, trucks, or other equipment over short or long distances. Equipped with features such as ramps, a 12,000 lb winch, straps, chain binders, and chains.

    Also in the fleet, we have a car dolly  designed to transport vehicles behind a vehicle, typically larger trucks. Compact and maneuverable, it offers a practical solution for towing front-wheel-drive vehicles without the need for a full trailer. With its sturdy construction and integrated braking systems, it provides a secure and stable platform for safely transporting cars over short to medium distances. Featuring adjustable ramps and wheel straps, to accommodate various vehicle sizes and configurations.

Equipment Rental Rates 

2020 Bobcat Skid Steer 

Daily Rate: 250.00 (With bucket only.) 

  • Weekly Rate: $1,250.00 (With bucket only.)

  • Monthly Rate: $4,000.00 (With bucket only.)

(Fork attachment available for an extra $50.00 per day of use.)

(Delivery fee of $150.00 inside the immediate areas of Odessa, and Midland are subject to change depending on distance outside of Odessa, and Midland TX)

(Please note that the rates mentioned above are subject to change depending on distance, type of project, and do not include any additional taxes, fees, or charges.) 

Dumpster Trailer 16.5 yards:

  • 1 day rate: $275.00  (with first 2 tons of waste included.)

  • 3 day rate: $375.00 (with first 2 tons of waste included.)

  • Weekly Rate: $475 (with first 2 tons of waste included.)

(Dump fees are $70.00 per ton and are not included in the rates above, after the 2 tons of waste has been exceeded the customer will pay any weight overage fees!  Delivery fees are subject to change depending on distance outside of Odessa, and Midland TX)

(We can create a custom quote for roof shingles, concrete, dirt, and rock disposal. It will be an upcharge and will depend on weight!)

Due to environmental regulations, and weight limitations we WILL NOT ACCEPT tires, liquids, and hazardous materials.

Mobile Generator:

Daily Rate: $125.00

Weekly Rate: $1,225.00

Monthly Rate: $2,250.00

Delivery fee: subject to change depending on distance.

Delivery: $275.00 flat fee for delivery in the immediate areas of Odessa, Midland.

24 Foot car hauler rates:

$125.00 per day of use

$800 per week of use

For long term rent out please contact us for a custom quote.

(ramps, winch, straps, chain binders, and chains are available for an additional $20.00 per day of use)

Car Dolly Rates:

$75.00 per day of use 

($25.00 every after the first day of use)

Please note that the rates mentioned above are subject to change and do not include any additional taxes, fees, or charges. Customers are responsible for any damages incurred during the rental period. Feel free to contact us for custom quotes and any further inquiries about our services.

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